Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mav playing in the backyard


I have finally remembered/learned how to login into my account again!!!

Sorry for the absence!

As you can see I haven't posted since Mav and I were about to move back home. We've been back in our home since August now (9 months ago). Mav's first birthday party was a big success. We had a huge turnout of friends and family. He got A TON of presents for a little 1 year old. He literally started really walking that day- so many people to keep up with. He didn't know what to do with his cake. He didn't even really dig in and get dirty and he wouldn't even taste it. He's so stubborn already!

Dan ended up moving back home after only 1 month or so. He kept his job AND the same pay salary. So he basically got a nice raise for all of that trouble we had with the attempt to move. I got my old job back-naturally, as a supplemental employee. I lost all of my seniority but slid right into a position shortly after as a charge nurse occasionally and was able to get benefits. AND with Dan's pay raise, I've been able to work part time.

So everything worked out for the MUCH MUCH better!

We are very happy back in our house and settled in. Now that the weather is nice we've been starting projects outside for our large patio. This winter Dan started finishing the basement as well (not done yet). So we've been busy around the house-as always.

Maverick is so big and growing fast. He'll be turning 2 in a couple months. I can't believe it! He's been such a good little boy for the most part. The terrible twos are starting to kick in occasionally though. He LOVES being outside. He plays ball with Onyx all of the time. They are becoming best friends and I love to watch them play together. He loves going to the park and play with the kids. Mav is such a people person already. He's so talkative and friendly. (Takes after his daddy). He even loves going to daycare at the gym and our neighbors little daycare occasionally.

We are so blessed with everything and can't be happier these days.

Everyone always wonders when we'll have another kid. And since we're so content right now, were gunna wait at least another year and enjoy what we have now for little longer. We are in no hurry!!

Well, that about sums up everything in a nut shell for the last 9 months. I'm hoping to continue to post updates occasionally as long as I don't have trouble logging in again. So stay tuned in the near future!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving home!!!!!!

Well, we've given it 4-5 months over here in Bellevue WA (near Seattle). We had our house on the market to sell for 9 months. Got a few offers, but none good enough and decided not to just give it away and, instead, try to rent it out. Had a few potential renters but they fell through as well. Ugh!!! So....... We took this as a sign that maybe we shouldn't be over here after all. Also, the fact that Dan's job isn't quit what we signed up for ever since the company got bought out doesn't help either. Therefore, we are gunna move back-YAY!!!! I'm so excited. Haven't really liked it over here. Maybe if we would and could have settled in our own place....but.....nahhhh. Don't think so!
My job was ok over here. Started to make friends but I think it was just too big of a unit than my taste. I had the HORRIBLE rush out traffic commute each way too. Probably would get in an accident one of these days heading home after working, nonstop basically for 12 hours.
Mav and I are driving over Friday afternoon. The movers are moving our stuff back into our house on Saturday :). Mavs 1st birthday party is Sunday. Then Dan has to drive back over here to work for the week.
He is in the process of finding either another job in Spokane or the company is trying to move things around to fit him back in, since they replaced him. They want to keep him that bad! I've been applying for a position back at my old job. I don't have any doubts I won't get back in since they want me back :). In the mean time, Dan is still going to live here with Rich and Rachel for half the cost until he has another job. This won't be ideal but we can't afford to live over here on our own plus have our mortgage. Hopefully it won't be for too long.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Almost 2 months since we've moved!

Things are going pretty ok around here. Still living with Rich and Rachel in Bellevue. Thankfully though because Rachel has saved our butts a few times watching Mav while I worked and Dan was out of town.
Our new jobs are going well. I'm off orientation and have had a couple really good and busy nights on my own. Everyone for the most part is nice and helpful. Although my commute to work is during rush hour and traffic both ways- not fun! Dan is doing very well, as always and is a big asset to the company. Which unexpectedly very recently got bought out. So there are some major changes happening with his job. Thankfully though, they have told him many times that they value him greatly- that's how we'll he's doing. As I knew he would.
We still haven't sold our house :(. It's been on the market since Thanksgiving. It's been very frustrating. Especially since we've had a total of 4 official offers that have fallen through either because in the end they don't have the financing or they walk away from our counter offer because everyone wants it basically for free. And we've put way too much into updating it to just give it away. We are trying to stay optimistic however.
Then finally, I'm sure everyone is wondering how Maverick is doing. He is the light of our life. He will be 10 months in 10 days. He is crawling all over and always trying to get into things he can't, since we live in such a child proof place here! He has a standing push toy that he is walking around with and I'm sure next month he'll be walking in no time- aaaahhhh!!!!!! We go for walks with Onyx regularly as the whether has been getting nicer. Mav loves riding in the stroller and watching Onyx play ball.
I had a wonderful 1st mother's day. Mav made me a picture at his YMCA day care that he attends 2-3 days a week. We had a picnic at the park and stayed there playin with Onyx and relaxing. Then Dan made me one of my favorite dinners. It was a great day!
Both sides of the grandparents have come to visit so far. We have a great aunt (grandpa Spurgeon's niece, Jeanette) also that lives up north about 20 mins away and she's helped out a few times too. We can't wait to head back to Spokane the weekend of June 2nd for Dan's lil. bro. Devon's graduation and to see everyone. It will be a very busy weekend I'm sure.
Well that's about it so far with what's going on here. I'll continue to keep updates every now and again. Miss you all!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our new situation!

Well my whole family and I are moved over to western Washington now. Mav and I were staying with the in-laws for a couple weeks. Had LOTS of help from them and really enjoyed the quality time with his grandparents every day. We sure do miss them and the rest of our family already. Now We r staying with friends temporarily in Bellevue They r so awesome to let us all invade them in there home. It's not easy with a baby AND a dog. After a week of stressfully looking for child care for Mav we finally settled for the YMCA. I think he'll have a lot of fun playing with the other babies and lots of toys. But I'm sad to be gone from him for so long while I start my new job this week. Hopefully our house sells REAL soon and we find a new home.

BTW: update on Maverick: 8 months old now

He is all over the place crawling everywhere and pulling himself up to stand wherever he can. He has become a handful chasing after him constantly. He's such a joy though. Such a happy baby. However, he is on his 4th cold now. And of course j have it too. I love him sooo much. He is my pride an joy of all my days.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Maverick can sit up now!!!!

6 months and 6 days old